Harvest Media has crafted a new & improved ingestion tool for MAC and PC. The release optimises upload performance, does away with excess society columns, and delivers two important new features including optional columns for categorisation of tracks as well as a fantastic time saving tool – auto-detection of track durations so you no longer need to enter them into a spreadsheet.

Select the relevant download links below to get the latest:

On 25 May 2018, a new EU framework encompassing these protections and rights to access data come in to effect. This framework is referred to as GDPR. If you are not aware of these changes a good summary is available here.

In order to be compliant, we will be undertaking works to ensure your out of the box search platforms & API sites legally comply.

What we need to do on your site:

  • Encrypt all transmitted data by adding an SSL Certificate to your site
  • Add Cookies information panel to your site to advise visitors as to how Cookies are used on your site
  • Ensure that all Registrants on your site actively opt-in, by way of a tick box, to your Policies (including Privacy and Cookie)
  • Ensure that all Registrants on your site actively opt-in, by way of a tick box, to any additional communication preferences
  • Ensure that all Registrants can adjust their communication preferences via their account settings
  • Update the manner in which your account may reset and share passwords when lost by a member
  • Improve the way we send emails on your behalf to ensure all emails sent to your users from your player do not get quarantined or moved to spam

What we need from you: 

  • Permission to carry out the SSL certificate
  • Add your Cookie Policy into your Web Content
  • Advise us if you would like to update your DNS to allow all email addresses on your domain to be able to send emails or just a specific email?

An administration fee will apply to your next account for $100 to cover the EU’s GDPR Compliance regulation

Please note: Our scope of compliance does not extend beyond these systems, if you use our API or have built custom applications using these systems it will be your responsibility to ensure compliance of any related online systems, such as your website.

Our Policies & GDPR
Harvest Media’s GDPR information is available in the Policies section of our website, please visit www.harvestmedia.net/policies. We strongly recommend that you seek legal advice should you have any queries around this framework and how it might affect your business.