17 November 2022

Harvest Media may use Subprocessors to support the provision of services used by a Client. This page provides important information about the identity, location, and role of each Subprocessor.

Links provided below can be used to locate information regarding SCC, DPA and Terms for each of the listed providers.

Hosting & Infrastructure Purpose Location GDPR / Privacy policy
Amazon AWS Data Hosting & Email delivery USA www.aws.amazon.com

Feature Specific Providers Purpose Location GDPR / Privacy policy
Royalty Cloud Royalty processing UK www.royaltycloud.co.uk
Stripe Payment processing USA www.stripe.com
Twilio/Sendgrid Email delivery USA www.sendgrid.com

Customer Support Services Purpose Location GDPR / Privacy policy
Atlassian Project Management USA www.atlassian.com
Intercom Online chat USA www.intercom.com
Pipedrive CRM USA www.pipedrive.com
Zendesk Client Support USA www.zendesk.com

Last updated: 9 September 2022