HarvestMedia connects the production music market.

We provide cloud based software that makes distributing production music and building music search engines simple. Publishers and sub-publishers use our system to aggregate and distribute their music.

Our software is robust, flexible and ready to go, meaning you can be up and running before you know it. We also offer a free trial to companies wanting to understand the benefits further.

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Use the HarvestMedia platform to:

  • Centralise your production music content
  • Simplify your distribution process
  • Standardise your metadata
  • Provide music search services to your clients
  • Aggregate content that you represent in one robust platform
  • Build apps and widgets off our API
  • Deliver standardised content and metadata to third parties


The knowledgeable team at HarvestMedia (along with their adaptable API) were a big part of why we were able to get our award-winning site for The License Lab up and running as fast as we did. Kudos to them for helping us to scale quickly, support our international network, and launch our company on the right path from day one.

Daniel Holter – Partner at The License Lab.
API, Global Distribution

Harvest not only has the best technology, but are also our creative partners. They are expert in proactively identifying potential issues and taking the initiative to intelligently solve them.

Stewart Winter – CEO and Co-Founder
Joseph Saba – CEO and Co-Founder.
Custom Search, Global Distribution

HarvestMedia is one of the ingredients that ties it all together in this global business. Streamlining the workload, allowing more time to focus on the music! #harvestrocks

Shana Lazarus – Managing Member.
Search Gen 1, Global Distribution, Export Partners