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  • SOO 020 Travesia Cinematica

    Cinematic tension with dramatic build-ups, emotional acoustic guitars, strong percussion, ronroco, gritty synths and effects.
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  • SOO 018 Billboard Reggaeton

    Urban Reggaeton pop from across Latin America, featuring tough male vocals and energetic beats.
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  • SOO 017 Electro Latidos

    Cinematic and inspiring electronic remixes made for documentary and drama. Tailored from our album 'Latidos...
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  • SOO 016 Rebelde Tropical

    Cool and youthful tropical indie songs, featuring playful lyrics, electric guitars, keys, brass, woodwinds, drums...
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  • SOO 015 Odisea Salvaje

    Exciting and inspiring Latin film scores, featuring epic orchestral ensembles with energetic Latin percussion and traditional...
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  • SOO 014 Viajes de una guitarra

    A compilation of various Latin American styles from Mexico, Cuba, the Andes and Brazil unified...
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  • SOO 013 Tango & Beats

    Traditional tango with cool modern beats. Featuring upbeat, seductive melodies from bandoneon, violin and piano...
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  • SOO 012 Un romance en guitarra

    Sweet, romantic, and passionate melodies performed on guitar: featuring Latin boleros, waltzes and percussion accompanied...
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  • SOO 011 Electro Carnaval

    Uplifting, feelgood, Latin electronic influenced genres from the Andes and Central America, featuring traditional instruments,...
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  • SOO 010 Sentimiento Mariachi

    [EN] Regional Mexican - Mariachi. Featuring cheerful, passionate and traditional tunes performed by a traditional...
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  • SOO 009 Latido Andino

    [EN] A mix of nostalgic and calm traditional Andean music with contemporary string arrangements and...
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  • SOO 008 Complices

    [EN] Intrigue, mystery and bravado music for investigative, adventure and atmospheric settings. Featuring instruments from...
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Composed, recorded & produced throughout Latin America, Somos brings authentic Tango, Samba, Rancheras, Salsa and more to our world

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