Tried and tested
on Mac and PC

Support for up to
150,000 tracks


Reskin the drive
to match your brand


Our hard drive solution is designed to provide off-line access to music. It’s an application that can be dispatched on small thumb drives or larger portable devices depending on the amount of content you have.

Put it on a network

Run the application over a corporate network, separate user accounts and playlists, provide easy to access cuesheets from the interface.


Drag and Drop

Build playlists via drag and drop. You can also drag and drop playlists, albums or tracks to your desktop or work space in your preferred format.



Enable or disable cuesheet information when downloading off the drive or simply extract track or playlist data as you need it.


Multi-lingual support

Choose the languages you’d like to use. We’ll build the skin for that language and off you go.



Share portable playlists via email.

Guided set up and training

Our team are here to make life easy. We’ve done this hundreds of times, we know the pain and we know that good guidance and feedback makes this process better for all. 

Data conversion

We can work with you to get your data and audio spot on. We know that this will pay your back in multiples and we offer to do this for free so that your back catalogue is tip top shape.

Best practices

We know that getting you started on the right foot means better data, better knowledge, better outcomes. We’re on top of changes in the sector and we are constantly evolving our processes to provide more flexible outcome.

Our free account is designed to get you started. With the ability to distribute to three sub-publishers and enough storage for a budding start-up or small established library.