Many clients use their own developers to get clever with the content they have on HarvestMedia.

You can use the HarvestMedia API to create applications and websites that integrate with content and members you have in your account. This may start with a simple registration form on your website or be a fully-integrated search engine.

The HarvestMedia API is a collection of Web services, which means that you an create applications using any modern programming language and operating system on any computer connected to the internet.

Build a widget

Build a search engine


Connect to other cloud services

4 reasons why

– fully documented
– follows RESTful principles
– tried and tested
– leverages off your content


– view libraries, albums and tracks
– sample and download
– transcode on the fly
– metadata embedding



– tracks
– albums & libraries
– categories & styles
– multi-lingual



– manage
– view reporting
– metadata embedding



– build
– manage
– share


Content access

– by region
– by language
– by library


Guided set up and training

Our team are here to make life easy. We’ve done
this hundreds of times, we know the pain
and we know that good guidance and feedback
makes this process better for all. 

Data conversion

We can work with you to get your data and audio
spot on. We know that this will pay you back
in multiples and we offer to do this for free
so that your back catalogue is tip top shape
from the get go.

Best practices

We’re on top of changes in the industry and we are constantly evolving our processes to ensure we are in line with changes that may effect the way you manage your content.