Managing music is a complex affair, metadata, audio, sub-publishers and third parties. We have spent a lot of time considering the whole workflow and our admin is designed to match this. We’ve built a suite of tools to make it easy and efficient for you to run your business on a day to day basis in the cloud.


– summary statistics across libraries
– tracks, members & album counts
– new content information
– quick access to your content
– instant access to new members
– search and sample your music


– view libraries, albums and tracks
– manage all your metadata
– transcode & download in your format
– tag and categorise your content
– manage your composers & publishers



– online registration and approval
– manage your members
– restrict access by library or region
– set download limits
– search, sample & download reporting


Get granular

– manage your most common searches
– create & manage keyword groups
– refine your track keywords
– tag and categorise your tracks
– assign styles to your albums



– build & feature playlists
– view member playlists
– create short URLs to your playlists
– share your playlists


Search engine controls

– set the fields you want searched
– configure regions & languages
– restrict libraries to specific regions
– manage emails and alerts
– feature your playlists

Robust reporting

– member stream & downloads
– consolidated member reporting
– popular search terms
– popular albums
– sub-publisher activity


– one click distribution of new content
– add and remove sub-publishers
– notify when you release new content
– review sub-publisher activity


Content management tools

– WYSIWYG editing
– multi-language
– region management
– style and CSS management
– API integrated

Our free account is designed to get you started. With the ability to distribute to three sub-publishers and enough storage for a budding start-up or small established library.


Guided set up and training

Our team are here to make life easy. We’ve done this hundreds of times, we know the pain and we know that good guidance and feedback makes this process better for all. 

Data conversion

We can work with you to get your data and audio spot on. We know that this will pay you back in multiples and we offer to do this for free so that your back catalogue is tip top shape from the get go.

Best practices

We know that getting you started on the right foot means better data, better knowledge, better outcomes. We’re on top of changes in the sector and we are constantly evolving our processes to provide ensure we are in line with changes in the market.