Hi there!
We’ve just launched a new version of the HarvestMedia admin.
Which version would you like to sign into?



Can I access the latest admin now?

Of course! Anyone with an existing, and valid, user account on the old admin will be able to access the new version.

How long will the old admin be available?

At this stage our plans are to maintain the current admin for around 30 days until all clients are familiar with the new admin and any minor issues are resolved.

So what has changed?

We’ve made substantial changes to the way the new administration works. These changes will allow us to provide new features and functionality within a framework that is more designed for a future proofed user experience. Some of the new additions include functions for bulk track and album management, monitoring metadata and reporting. We have also simplified our menus so it is easier and more logical to locate what you are looking for. The new dashboard will give you relevant data, reporting greater insight into what’s happening and trending on your account.

Will it work on Desktop, Tablet & Mobile?

We’ve reviewed usage data over the last several years and for this reason the User Experience is optimised for Desktop and Tablet.

We’ve made every effort to make it easier for you to complete key tasks from your mobile but we also know that there in the world of mobile technology there are many exceptions. We just ask that you keep this in mind when working from your phone.

Need help?

If you are having any issues please just email us at support@harvestmedia.net
and we will be here, as always, to help you out.

Make a suggestion

The new Administration is just the start of a larger grand plan to introduce new services and features that will aid your business for the long term. We see this as a collaborative journey so please feel free to email us with suggestions and comments at info@harvestmedia.net