The beauty of constructing everything around the Harvest Connect platform is that it makes our other tools that much more powerful. For example, many of our clients use their Harvest data to run their client-facing search engines. We’ve got two out-of-the-box search and front-end web packages to get you started:

Harvest Amplify is ideal for smaller labels, composers and startups, with all of the power and agility of our larger search and web tools, but in a streamlined package. It’s scalable, our customizable UI templates are mobile & desktop friendly, and very quick to setup. Here are some examples - [link], [link], and [link]

Harvest Pro is the option for labels and distributors who need a broader feature set, with support for multiple labels, multiple languages, HTML5 compliance, track and album sharing, and more. Check out these sites to see how it works - [link], [link], and [link]

Or, go Harvest Custom, with your own front-end, and any additional features you need, such as PRO registrations, online licensing, accounts integration, statement preparation, CRM integration, and real time user reports, just to name a few of the possibilities to explore. Check out the work we’ve done for [link], [link], and [link]. If you can imagine it, we can probably build it for you, and we’re rolling out custom work all of the time.

Your developers can also look under the hood at our API here[link], and can then build whatever they want, by hooking into your Harvest-stored music and data to run whatever platforms your own tech teams can build – just like BMG[link] and The License Lab[link] have done. And because these sites are “Harvest powered”, their owners also enjoy all our other great services – like label distribution (incoming & outgoing) and the ability to push to any of the core industry services above.

And, once again, for everything above, everything runs from your single upload of music & data.


If you’re ready to get started, contact us and we’ll get you up and running in no time — remember, Harvest Connect is free for distribution of 2,500 tracks or less when you’re going out to up to six agents. If you have a bigger catalogue, more agents, or if you’re interested in search, custom, or other expanded features, let us know and we can tell you how it all works.