Search Gen 2

The premium search engine

Meet our brand new mobile friendly search system. Designed for entry level clients looking for a  lightweight search tool and front end presentation.



Customisable to your Brand

Were constantly improving our search tools, taking on advice, looking for and implementing new functionality and flexibility.

Responsive on all Devices

We’ve developed two off-the-shelf search engines to make getting started easy. Whether you’re a small or large business we believe one of our solutions will match your needs.


Predictive Search

Need a search engine? Easy. Depending on your needs, we could even do this for you in just one day.


Share & Create Playlists

We’ve developed SearchGen2 with HTML5 and tablet devices in mind, removing the headache of supporting a constantly changing landscape of browsers.


Share & Download Albums

Off the shelf, we support multi-region & multi-lingual. You can also customise your emails to the language of the user, set specific libraries for availability in specific regions and have complete control over active search fields.


Register Members

We’ve built in controls and reports so you can see what’s going on, from searches to samples to downloads. What library is popular? What album is not? Which user or company is active and library which is not? 

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  • Reskin to suit your brand
  • HTML 5 compliant
  • iPad and tablet friendly
  • Multi-language support
  • Playlist management
  • Snippable wave form player
  • Build and adjust your search
  • Share tracks, albums & playlists
  • Advanced search features


  • Multi-library publishers and sub-publishers
  • Multiple regions and languages
  • A cross device audience