If the libraries you distribute are already using HarvestMedia then you’re just a login away from receiving music in the quickest & easiest way you’ll probably ever see. That’s new albums from multiple suppliers delivered straight to you via a single, simple and standardised platform.

You can even upload additional music to the system and integrate all the libraries you distribute to into whatever type of service you might need – like an online search engine or portable hard-drive solution.

New albums, from all your suppliers, in one central location,
it sounds to good to be true.

Centralise your Content

We can help you create a single repository that contains all your content – be it owned by you, or distributed by you.


Our clients are a community of businesses in the same industry, all looking for a  more streamlined way to get and share content. Our network extends to most businesses in the production music market. Chances are we’re already talking to the publishers you deal with.


We can help you with the next step of the process: presenting your content online so you can market to your clients. The HarvestMedia platform is designed to provide search and download tools, off-the-shelf and with minimal fuss & cost.

Tools for the Sub-Publisher and Agent

The HarvestMedia admin is a robust tool-set that allows you to control all aspects of the content you manage, including metadata, audio files, search and distribution. We are focused on creating powerful workflow tools which makes running a music business easy.

We provide simple tools that let you control all aspects of the metadata and music that you may receive or ingest yourself. You decide how to categorise, tag or sort your content. When new content is distributed to you, we let you know, and it’s there waiting in your account.  With files delivered to you, the days of ripping audio, reformatting in Excel, scanning album art or sorting out composer information are over.
Everyone is going virtual. Cloud based services are perfectly suited for the production music business and this technology is fundamentally changing the way agents and distributors work, enabling greater degrees of collaboration and restructuring everything from business and operational processes to the way software is licensed and priced. Why continue to pay for in-house development and software maintenance just to keep up with the Joneses?
We’ve taken the nightmare out of managing audio formats. Albums and track downloads are ready to go, in your format of choice, be it WAV, MP3, AIFF or FLAC. If you’re using a HarvestMedia search engine then the process is enhanced even further with better speed, consistency and efficiency.
HarvestMedia gives you control over the metadata you have on your account. We know it’s very common to receive content from multiple sources so centralising this information is of the utmost value. It’s your account and your set of metadata. Independently controlled by you.

We’re all about standards. We spend a lot of time making sure our platform follows best practice. This makes life easy for you as a sub-publisher and easy for staff who have to manage and sell the libraries you represent. A single standard format means less time editing metadata. Do it once, do it well.

Now it's all in the cloud, how are your clients going to get to it? That's the easy part.

Red Igloo Music

A Search Engine for all sizes

Whether you are a small library or a larger sub-publisher we have a search engine to suit your business. Search Gen1 for those smaller libraries with simpler needs and Search Gen2 for the larger sub-publishers with 10+ libraries and over 50,000 tracks. Click here to find out more  

West One Music Group

Hard Drive

You might even want a portable and network capable hard-drive solution, complete with a built-in multi-user search interface, drag & drop functions and music files in any format. Find out more here

HarvestMedia Developer Centre

A Robust API

The HarvestMedia API is a powerful way to develop custom applications and search engines that leverage off the information in your account. We’ve seen some amazing development done out of this framework, from simple playlists to full service custom search engines. Find out more here.

Guided set up and training

Our team are here to make life easy. We’ve done this hundreds of times, we know the pain and we know that good guidance and feedback makes this process better for all. 

Data conversion

We can work with you to get your data and audio spot on. We know that this will pay your back in multiples and we offer to do this for free so that your back catalogue is tip top shape.

Best practices

We know that getting you started on the right foot means better data, better knowledge, better outcomes. We’re on top of changes in the sector and we are constantly evolving our processes to provide more flexible outcome.

Our free account is designed to get you started. With the ability to distribute to three sub-publishers and enough storage for a budding start-up or small established library.