We’ll help you distribute your music to your agents and clients, in our industry-friendly format. Our easy-to-use system lets you upload, manage and distribute music – all from one location.

You’ll be free to use as many of the HarvestMedia services as you choose. For example, you may just need a system that can deliver music & new albums to your agents. Or, you might want a full-scale, multi-region online platform for clients to access your music, complete with playlists, multi-format downloads and ultra-detailed back-end & admin tracking for you and your team.

One set of metadata, in one central location with the tools to share

and distribute your music easily.

Bring it on

Our easy-to-use system lets you upload, manage and share music – all from one location. Refine your data, share your music, streamline your process.


Our network extends to most businesses in the production music market. Chances are we may already be talking to the companies you’d like to deal with, or can help by extending your network.


We’re making life easy by providing connections to key businesses in the production music space. This includes aggregators, agents, music recognition technologies and businesses that specialise in monetising your content.

Tools for the Publisher

Store your catalogue with HarvestMedia and instantly deliver new albums to your agents in a format that works for all. You can also choose our leading-edge online or hard drive search applications, or have your own developers use our platform as the back-end for your own custom application, website or search engine.
We provide easy-to-use tools to upload your master files. Once. You and your users can then control what formats your library is available in. Our dedicated team will help you get started and make sure your metadata is as close to best practices as possible. From that point forward, you can relax.
We’ve taken the time out of servicing the multitude of formats requested by sub-publishers, end-users and third parties. You upload a single master and we’ll deliver in the format they want. Be it WAV, MP3, AIFF or FLAC, it’s just a matter of selecting the format and HarvestMedia takes care of the rest. We make the process easier, faster and more consistent, leaving you time to focus on what you really want to do.
The HarvestMedia system gives you control over your metadata and surety in the security of this information. We provide full control to your sub-publishers as well, without affecting your master set of metadata.
We’re all about standards. This makes life easy for you as an originator (library) and easy for agents who represent your library. A single standard format means less time editing metadata. Do it once, do it well.
We provide simple tools to add and manage your sub-publishers. Once you’re set, it’s a one-click process to distribute content. Your sub-publishers will be notified that all new music, artwork and metadata is online, ready & waiting for them.

Now it's all in the cloud, how are your clients going to get to it? That's the easy part.

A Search Engine for all sizes

Whether you’re a small library or a larger sub-publisher we have a search engine to suit your business. Search Gen1 for those smaller libraries with simple needs and Search Gen2 for the larger sub-publishers. To find out more click here.

A Suite of Export Systems

We’ve been busy creating hooks into some of the key third party systems used by the production music industry, so you can easily export your content and compliant metadata with each new release. To find out more click here.


Extend your reach by building your sub-publisher network globally. HarvestMedia has simple tools for connecting and sharing your content. Our free account comes with 3 sub-publishers and enough storage to get you going. To find out more click here.

Guided set up and training

Our team are here to make life easy. We’ve done this hundreds of times and know that good guidance and feedback makes this process better for all.

Data conversion

We can work with you to get your data and audio spot on. We know that this will pay you back in multiples and, to help with this, offer a free data & format tune-up service to get your back catalogue into tip-top shape.

Best practices

We know that getting you started on the right foot means better data, better knowledge, better outcomes. We’re on top of changes in the sector and we are constantly evolving our processes to provide more flexible outcome.

Our free account is designed to get you started. With the ability to distribute to three sub-publishers and enough storage for a budding start-up or small established library.