We’ve been working with several businesses that don’t make music, but assist you in reporting or monetising your content. We can provide validation and delivery tools to these business so that you can leverage your content & data, and simplify your workflow. Ingest the content once, validate and press go.

One set of metadata, in one central location with the tools to share and deliver your music easily.

Integrated Delivery

We've built sophisticated tools for validating and delivering content to third parties. We support integrated metadata and audio delivery via FTP, SFTP, Amazon AWS,  Box.com and webservices.

Perfectly mapped metadata

We’ve spent countless hours building content-matching systems for many of the companies you deal with and provide metadata validation to ensure your content meets the requirements of each export system / third party.

Validate and dispatch

At your request, albums are delivered direct to the end-point with audio in their format, metadata in their structure and a confirmation email to-boot when the delivery is complete.

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