HarvestMedia is the leading global platform for the distribution and sharing of production music.


This year you can find us at the following events
MIDEM (France)
NAB Show (USA)
Production Music Association Conference (USA)
New admin platform released with a smarter UI and improved reporting

West One Music launches a new global search and download platform built off the Harvest Media API

Hello to some new clients
BMG Music (UK), All Music (Netherlands), Pulse Recordings (USA), Stock Music (Belgium)


Deliver OPUS platform for APRA

Gallo Music (Sth Africa), Beds and Beats (UK), APRA/AMCOS (Aust), Myma (France)

Introduce robust distribution rules and gateway for content delivery

Largest production music distribution platform globally

Online delivery to BMAT


Echo Music (Taiwan), Nichion (Japan), Muzikotek (Turkey)

Send content to Shazam

9m tracks distributed within our network, millions more shared

Proud supporters of the inaugural PMA Music Conference


Commence direct delivery of client content to AdRev, Dashbox

Add BBC/I Like Music as another integration point


Commence direct delivery of client content to Tunesat & Soundmouse

Welcome Warner/Chappell Production Music as a client


Developer tools and website launched

Snip snip – take just the part of the track you want


2010 REST API implemented

2010 On-the-fly transcoding to multiple formats and bit rates

2009 Version 2 admin goes live

2008 Harvest Media signs marquee indie library VideoHelper, from the USA

2008 HarvestMedia signs marquee independent sub-publisher Boost Music, and indie labels Liftmusic and Zone Music out of the UK


2007 Launch HarvestMedia internationally

2007 Hello Apple itunes, bye bye consumer business model


2006 Service provider of the first single online repository for Australia’s largest broadcaster, Foxtel

2005 Sign and launch HarvestMedia locally with Australia’s independent publisher, Big Bang & Fuzz

2005 Developers of an asset management platform for artists, managers and promoters, allowing the engagement and monetisation of their audience

2004 Pioneered online digital rights management service for commercial music in Australia.